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Vicky Martinez Dorr
Vicky Martinez Dorr

... a believer, an energy-booster and the one that makes magic happen ...

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"I strongly recommend that you sit  down with Vicky and explore her creative way of working. At the very least, you’ll learn something new. At best, you may find a valued partner to help you reach your goals”.

"Since I started working with Vicky, I  have had and amazing progress with things I've been trying to better myself for a long time. Vicky has helped me to see 

from another perspective some aspects of  my life and I feel very grateful for all the good energy, positivism and persistence she is giving to me. Thank you Vicky”.

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TESTIMONIALS about personal transformation

Yamileth Herrera Gaviria,

"Vicky's energy grabs you and makes you want to work with her. She is kind and sensitive, and her positive energy motivates  you all the time. She is a great listener and is always full of ideas that empowers people to do their best with confidence”.

Anna Müller,

Mike Wittenstein,

Time to Sparkle

Let's focus on YOU

Are you missing something in your life? You want to “level up” yourself but you don’t know how? Do you need to get from A to B but it has been difficult to do it by yourself?

With different coaching tools, NLP + Time Line Therapy ® techniques, you can get a customized methodology to get your sparkle back. How?

By discovering the weaknesses that prevent you from moving forward (in your career or life) and empowering your talents to reach your desired goals.

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You think you have a cool business idea, but you still need to polish your branding or sharpen your offer?

When you put together what you think + what you feel + what you do, the alignment with your core is perceived by your tribe and you’ll get people who want to follow you because of who YOU are, which will definitely impact in your business effectiveness.

With the 10 weeks Coaching + Branding formula we can let the magic begin and co-create the business that you dream.  Coaching will help you to get the best out of you and then I propose Ideas for your branding strategy. 

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Vicky’s 13+ years of communications experience in international, multi-cultural business have taught her how to ‘reach’ different personalities at all levels in the organization.

You can tap into that skill and learn how to ‘win through'  your own audiences more effectively while sharing your authentic you at the same time.

Vicky has added to her own coaching toolbox with certifications in NLP and TimeLIne Therapy® training which allows her to share tools with you to rewire your brain and change your mindset towards an improved version of yourself.


Public Relations - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Marketing & Advertising - Brussels, Belgium

Coaching. NLP. Time Line Therapy ® - London, United Kingdom

“In life, all you need to do is to know yourself”

 coaching + entrepreneurship + branding (everything I LOVE)

Let the magic begin:  5 Coaching sessions (spread in 5 consecutive weeks) + your business Branding* development dedicated to make you shine.

* logo, business cards, initial website and  your first emailing campaign.

Legth: 12 weeks formula

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Time to Sparkle: A 1-to-1 Coaching programme  (in person or via Skype) designed to help you  to explore your  self-development create your inner voice alignment and build your lifestyle goals. 

Length: 6 weeks

A discovery call dedicated to understand what your current challenges are and how we can address them together. Get the opportunity to have 30 mins of guidance and thought organisation for free.

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