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Vicky Martinez Dorr
Vicky Martinez Dorr

Unpacking your burdens will make you experience the immense transformation you are looking for. 

TESTIMONIALS about personal & professional transformation

"Since I started working with Vicky, I  have had and amazing progress with things I've been trying to improve myself for a long time. Vicky has helped me to see from another perspective some aspects of  my life and I feel very grateful for all the good energy, positivism and persistence she has given to me.

 Thank you Vicky”.

Yami H

Life coaching  client

Feeling stuck, demotivated and not able to find a solution? 

You want to change but it seems you cannot find the "starting" point. 

Sometimes we start feeling that there is something missing (even if everything outside seems to be "OK") but in the inside we are not. 

 You just need a little push and we can make it together. 


In one shot you can start receiving all the work that you need in order to kick off our internal transformation, and this is how your outerworld will become slowly a less of a burden.

"My career life was in breaking point and did not how and where to start to make a change. As a result driven person I need to focus on processes, execute them and see results and Vicky's energy grabbed me by surprise. In a such a way that made me want to work straight away on finding THE solution that I was looking for such a long time. 

She quickly sync in with me and understood where I was and what I needed to do. Very pragmatic  in her approach and straight to the point I had never done so much for on myself before as with her. 

And this is how I made my career change to the entrepreneur world. She showed me a new perspective, for which I am eternally grateful"


Change takes courage and gratitude dose of patience, and most of the time we are reluctant to begin with it. But ...if you are here, it means that there is a big need inside of you. 

You want to go from: 

- Stressed to carefree

- Insecure to confident

- Doubtful to trusting of self

- Not speaking your truth to asserting your truth 

- From people pleaser to self pleaser

in summary: To listen to yourself more?

With different coaching tools, NLP + Time Line Therapy ® techniques, you can get a customized methodology to get your sparkle back in 6 weeks. 


     *by discovering your limitng beliefs that prevent you from moving forward 

      * by following specific exercises that will help you creating a new way of living on a daily basis 

       * by empowering your talents to reach your desired goals.

"I was struggling with issues around self-confidence and from the first connection, I felt you genuinely cared about me. You really managed to create an environment in which I felt very safe to talk freely about what was worrying me, my concerns and my hopes to get better and find my way. I'm still surprised about the impact our conversations and exercises have had on me. Even other people have noticed the change, which is quite amazing. I finally feel connected to my inner self, in a way that I haven't been in a long time. Surprisingly, I'm even overdelivering my targets at work, and I can't believe on how serenely I'm doing it. This is the biggest difference I have seen at work specifically. And this 100% has to do with where my eyes are looking at."


Not the ideal job? Not the ideal career? Is it the work environment? Not making a difference? 

Are you feeling that there is something missing and you are not sure what your next career move should be? 

Let's get this started by identifying what is currently working and what not and also understand who you are and what are the values that should be aligned in your career.

let's focus on your talents and then on your skills. And all will fall into place.  



With three sessions fully focused on your talents, passions, skills and identifying a clear goal to reach. 

Start experiencing a mindshift, a different perspective, a pragmatic approach, a "to do"  list from minute zero because your dream job is coming your way.

"Your feelings are your light...your strength." 

This 30 page e-book is a self-help document that aids you to begin exploring your inner light and who you truly are. 

Sometimes in life we give for granted that we know everything about ourselves and all of a sudden we discover we need new experiences, new approaches, new perspectives. But we do not know where to start... 


Follow these 5 steps (at your own pace) to understand who you are and what serves you TODAY....but also what no longer serves you for your evolution. 

The goal? learn how to manifest a better relationship with yourself.

Karen M

Business coaching client 

Vicky is a life and business coach that loves to work with NLP (Neurolinguistics Programming) – a way to rewire your brain and adjust your skills and capabilities. She is intent on making people look at their lives from different perspectives and help them find solutions. Vicky has more than 14 years of experience in Marketing and Communications and is a certified coach with NLP. She does Coaching and Branding and has developed the “5 Steps to Start Shining” process, which helps people start finding their true essence. All this to be aligned with their true selves and enjoy a better life according to their own beliefs.

Certifications: Public Relations - Buenos Aires, Argentina Marketing & Advertising - Brussels, Belgium Coaching. NLP. Time Line Therapy ® - London, United Kingdom

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