5 Steps to Shining

Our Shining Readers Love It

Sesha Dane

This book will guide you to start shining your own light and reach the sparkling freedom that you yearn for. Very detailed and well explained. Will be definitely recommending this!

Mochi Slim

Super fun to read Vicky's stories and explanations and her guidance into a different perspective of your own challenges. Amazing and uber recommended  to get

About the Author

Vicky Martinez Dorr

Vicky is a qualified business coach, with certifications in NLP and TimeLine Therapy®. Her ‘Making People Shine’ programme merges coaching with NLP and other creative techniques to help people re-connect with themselves and re-wire their brains, to become a better version of themselves, both at a personal and business level.

Vicky is also an artist and a serial entrepreneur, and her 13+ years of communications experience in international, multi-cultural business have taught her how to ‘reach’ different personalities at all levels in the personal and business environment. In her work, she teaches clients to tap into that skill and ‘win through’ their audiences more effectively and authentically.

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