5 Steps to Shining

"You're always one decision away to a totally different life" 

An exclusive e-book aimed to help shift your perspective & change behaviours that no longer serve you. 

Discover what you can do with your talents & passions and how you can improve yourself in 5 simple steps. 

Do you feel you need a career change? Are you struggling with your job and have no idea where to start? 

Do you feel stuck in life? If any (or all) of these questions were replied with a YES! then is time to begin working on your sparkle  before the year ends... and be ready to shine in 2018 with a fresh mindset.

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Our Shining Readers Love It

Agustina  Bergaglio

As I read the book I felt very identified with the stories. The exercises were super easy to do and while working on them I had the feeling they were good for myself.

 Vicky knows how to address to people, specially what women’s main concerns are, their fears, and the things they struggle in their everyday Life. 

After reading the book I felt more empowered and with enough confidence to go after what I always wanted for my life.

Sofia Arocha

I totally loved this e-book. 

A simple yet complete guide to learn new aspects of myself and move forward in life. 

What I really liked is that I had the opportunity to take a different perspective towards the challenges I was facing in my life,  and how to implement new tools to change my journey for the better. 

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About the Author

Vicky Martinez Dorr

Vicky is a qualified business coach, with certifications in NLP and TimeLine Therapy®. Her ‘Making People Shine’ programme merges coaching with NLP and other creative techniques to help people re-connect with themselves and re-wire their brains, to become a better version of themselves, both at a personal and business level.

Vicky is also an artist and a serial entrepreneur, and her 14+ years of communications experience in international, multi-cultural business have taught her how to ‘reach’ different personalities at all levels in the personal and business environment. In her work, she teaches clients to tap into that skill and ‘win through’ their audiences more effectively and authentically.

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