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"Leadership requires two things: a vision of the world that does not yet exist and the ability to communicate it."

Simon Sinek

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“I believe it is possible to create a more H2H leadership culture."

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"Level Up"

Awakening humane leadership role models

Ideas and perspectives about leadership and branding, based on throughout research.

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Are you looking for leadership inspiration and branding content that can help you and your organisation to evolve, adapt and enhance performance? Join the community and benefit from Vicky's ability to inspire you with new and exciting leadership role models through podcast, blogs and thorough research.

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Conferences & Workshops

Vicky's unique approach combined with exceptional guidance and contagious enthusiasm makes her ideas perfect for those who are hungry of building a more authentic and sustainable leadership in the world.


Through Vicky’s enthusiasm and coaching skills, her guidance can inspire those who are keen to create sustainable leadership that is authentic and turns them into a brand employer. Enhanced coaching that comes underpinned with direction, knowledge and the correct tools, Vicky has inspired clients from around the world reach their potential. This has made it possible for them to improve self-development, helping them to find success in their professional and personals lives.


Debate: #MeToo has gone too far

Facebook, Brussels - October, 2019

After two years of the movement's rise and worldwide impact, the GentleWomen's Club launched their first debate series with a controversial statement: #MeToo has gone too far. Vicky was invited to be part of this important discussion in our society now. Please see her views on this topic. below

Bridging through conscious Leadership

European Commission, Brussels - January, 2019

Lucia Klestincová, who works at the EU Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship & SMEs, invited Vicky to deliver: "Making Women Shine", the coaching workshop designed to work on "bridging" a woman's real (and inner) self with the persona they want to become. 


The leader in YOU - Awareness Workshop

European Commission, Brussels - June, 2018

In the frame of the EU trainees Job Fair 2018, at the European Commission, Vicky  delivered her first workshop at the Institution. The purpose? Helping young professionals find their career path, and inspire them to build their dream life, through self-discovery leadership skills. The focus of the session was answering the question: What is your magic?

Building healthy relationships -Conference

Xten - Brussels - June, 2018

In the 3rd Edition of Xten Events, Vicky had the pleasure to guide Latin-American women on how to create healthy relationships in their lives. As a co-creator of the "Fuck Off & Move On" workshop, she abstracted part of the research done and applied the learnings to the Latin-American cultures. Toxic relationships are now clearly identified.


"Fuck Off & Move On" - Survival kit to get free from toxic people - Workshop

Brussels - March, 2018

Fuck off & Move on, was the first Workshop in Brussels that dealt with narcissistic personality disorders and sociopathy in workplaces and personal relationships. Mirna Hidalgo and Vicky Martinez Dorr co-created this unique workshop to raise awareness about this silent enemy, and share proven scientific results on how to deal with toxic relationships. 
A special focus on managing manipulative power games and psychological gaslighting were at the core of their work.

Leaders and the Happiness Formula - Conference

Google,  Brussels -  January, 2018

An enriching "Happiness Session" at Google Brussels, where Vicky Martinez Dorr discussed -with a knowledgeable audience- about how we are moved by emotions and what is the purpose of finding your WHY. The dissertation was around personal development. However, this was equally applicable for companies who look for connecting with their audiences more authentically.


Five Steps to Start Shining -leadership workshop-

European Commission, Brussels - June, 2018

Intensive self-development work focused on helping young professionals to better understand what they want from their career. Vicky Martinez Dorr worked for the first time at European Commission in Brussels. The main message to future leaders? First envision the life YOU want to live in order to find the job that will make it happen. Listen to your curiosities, prioritise your values and envision the life that suits YOU.

Leading your life

Brussels - October, 2017

Invited by the GentleWomen's Club - Brussels Hub, Vicky was spreading her light during my first-ever, "GIRLS NIGHT IN" event. 

The workshop focused on helping independent women finding their inner voice. Many looking for leadership inspiration, many to simply know themselves better.

With the premise "none-one has the power to determine who you are",  the session developed into an intensive group coaching session of 3 hours where the ladies were captivated by the self-help exercises to find their real self and lead a life that suits them.


Learning Entrepreneurship

Santa Fe, Argentina - November, 2016

Helping kids with limited opportunities to learn how to be an entrepreneur and discover a different way of making progress in their life. This was done in Vicky's community of origin. An extremely smart audience and full of enthusiasm from the School San Cristaobal, in San Cristonal, Santa Fe, Argentina.

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